The work practice of Mathias Malling Mortensen includes painting, graphics and paper reliefs. He explores the abstract imagery with a focus on picturesque spaces, rhythms and poetry. As an artist, he seeks to explore texture and materiality, degrees of abstraction and intuition.For this exhibition - Malling Mortensen's first solo presentation of works in the gallery - he has created 10
watercolour paintings, all in line with his poetic approach to paintings and his musical understanding of intuitive brushstrokes, composition and ambience. The works are the latest in his watercolour series of paintings where he lets the simple colour speak for himself in his delicate painting universe with simple
strokes. Malling Mortensen works primarily with colour motifs and surfaces, and in the creative process he lets his subconscious dictate the motif and the outcome of a given work. The result is recognisable, non-figurative forms, where the balance between surfaces, colours, lines and spaces is the motif, while the works
arouse equal parts of emotion and curiosity to the viewer. In recent years, a new and now cardinal part of his artistic process has been to maintain a form of visual diary in which photographs of plants and leaves, shadows, geometric details and selections from nature and architecture inspire him to constantly develop his
expression and language.